When the sun rules

Walk in the park or work in the park.

For a man who have been at work since he was 14 – primarily in agriculture and the military and now is in the late 70s – it might be easy just to sit in the armchair and say out loud  “I have done my part”  so let’s relax – but it ain’t easy at all – when det sun shines.

During the danish winter, which often are more cold rainful and gray than cold and white,  it’s easy to sit in this chair while enjoyed a good movie on DVD or read a good book in the lamp’s “shadow” – while the wind howls outside – but – when the sun shines.

Then pulls outdoor life in the old boy -.though “the enemy” now only stubborn blackberry bushes that spread too much – so it bothers all other trees and plants.

Then there’s all the vegetables, which just as well can be grown
since there is enough room for it – in the large vegetable garden.

More work to do.

Not a word about, the rest of the garden

with all the flowers (when the summer comes) and bushes

The property’s landmark is best in headwind.

So outdoor are not outlaw – the sun rules, when it’s shining…!