A different ghost story

Sønderborg Castle by the harbor in the southernmost of the danish peninsula Jutland.

A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Down in the basement of the castle there are four grave crypts with several sarcophagis.
There is only access for very few and only in relation to the ducal family.
Used until the middle of the 1800s – can usually only visited once a year.

Up to the opening, so cleaning is to be done for the visit.
The crypt had been locked since the year before.
From the late 1960s when the cleaning people came in.
So they saw the sarcophagis had moved several centimeters, happens then every year.

So the stories start that the old duke has returned as a ghost.
The ghost stories won’t die, until many years after so the sarcophagis stops moving
There was just as much wonder over it stops as when it started.

The secret of the sarcophagis was just outside.
At the quay a few meters from the castle’s wall, during this period with small cruise ships.
Cruise over Flensburg Fjord to Germany with cheap food and drink aboard.
The bumps from the ships propagated with shaking and the sarcophagis moved a little.


Walkabout, last summer

H 96

The danish city of Sonderborg by night, seen from harbor-side.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
Photos from one day last summer – spending some days sailing in this area..

Actually spent some childhood time in this area many many years ago.

S 005

Open door or open bridge, earlier years ago, it was a railway bridge too.

S 003

The cattle enjoy fresh water, but don’t drink it coz the salt in it.

H 97

The summer city party call for tons of happy people into the streets.

H 98

The young drumming boys in sailor suits follows the girl with the baton.

S 000

Modern architecture in a place which earlier was a heavy factory area.

H 95

The local mermaids (which actually and surprisingly had legs) were teasing a lot.

H 82

The peacefully border water between danish Sonderborg and german Flensburg
it can be enjoyed on an about 38 km long idyllic coastal route.

H 81

Probably others have the same ideas, so take a break here and there..

B 89

Maybe it look like a sunset, actually it’s a sunrise.