Extremely spectacular

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The worth visting Ailsa and her inspiring weekly challenge.
The challenge this week “Sport“.

Not hike but run (more or less) trail through the landscape of the Pyrenees.
This way doing sport is a great challenge, maybe not the most watched-friendly sport.
Biking up and down in the Pyrenees fascinates viewers from all over the world.
Whatever the races are called Tour de France or Vuelta d’Espana.
More anonymous are these women and men, who take it fast step by fast step.


Cold or cool action

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Sport with very energetic and physical activity.
But not only typically men, many women play icehockey too.

Weekly photo challenge “Life imitates art

Sports are a part of culture life too and sometimes look like art.

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Why negative waves so early

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Sport can transform us humans most often for the better
although some of us consider sports as timewaste
while others wrongly consider it a battle of life and death.
Sports and thus expenditure of energy used as a balance between these extremes.

This is a way to make us more harmonic outside
of course there’s a risk in more professional sports
that we take either frustrations or star whims to the outside pitch.

This french elite handball goalie
on the field a very temperamental woman
off the field – a very balanced one woman with lots of surplus energy.

Life is a travel, in more than one way.

The title ‘hit me’ from a very special film characters, Oddball from “Kelleys Heroes”.

Knock it off with them negative waves

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
this is my version of the travel theme this week “Transformation“.

Disguised multi-colors

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There are many things that can distract in sport in addition to possible lack of interest
all the “stupid” advertisements only tolerated because of their economic yield
all the many boisterous fans only tolerated because they contribute to the atmosphere.
Something is often forgotten – the boring dressed coaches on the sidelines.
They are often multi-colored figuratively.
These people who outside are quiet and pleasant people
flames up in the heat of ‘battle’ and are the whole fare worth themselves.

Inspiration from Paula’s Thursday’s Special  *non-theme* this week “Multicoloured

Break through

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There are many terms or words which are being used as slang in world of sports
many doesn’t make sense for “unaware people” outside that world
touchdown, home run, eagle, birdie albatross, icing, off-side, catch an owl and so on.

I guess this is a so-called break through, and if we were talking sport a different thing.

Daily prompt “Grand Slam

From a distance


Distances can bring about many things
obstacles, excuses, challenges or experiences
some are challenging distances
triathlon or a so-called “Ironman”
3800 m swimming
180 km cycling
42,195 km run




Actually never thought these images could be used for anything.


Time is the longest distance between two places
(Tennessee Williams – american writer)

Everything seems simpler from a distance
(Gail Tsukiyama – american born with chinese-japanese roots writer)

The stars up there at night are closer than you think
(Doug Dillon – american paranormal and historical writer)

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With the inspiration from Ailsa and her worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of her travel theme this week “Distance