Winter plowing

According to the calendar, spring is started.
According to the snow warrior, winter is not over.


With a view

A luxury sky line apartment with own entrance, no no.
The tower of the Bergisel Sprungschanze stadium and the jump slope in Innsbruck, yes.

Left alone without snow coz spring has arrived and summer on its way.

Cee and her worth visting Odd Ball Twenty-Seventeen challenge as the inspiring push.

Moving trees

J 67

Even the nature need some frontrunners to bear the burden of ‘start-movement’
especially seen in spring – some trees always starts ‘dancing’ so follows up the others
Then the movement goes on quickly and the time runs.

Maybe we people have it the same way, some have to take the first step.?

Two in one – the result of inspiraton from these two challenges:

Weekly photo challenge 2nd version of the theme “Motion

Ailsa and her “Wheresmybackpack
the 2nd version of the travel theme “Trees“.