A day at the race

Abandoned in the woods, all the stories left in oblivion – wonder which.

Dream tales on the horizon

Tall tales about life at sea, awakened with an old sailing ship on the horizon.
It was a very hard life that is romanticized in the historical light.
Numerous stories are getting better and better for each generation it is handed over.

Backdrop for imagination

The St-Just and St-Pasteur Cathedral (Narbonne Cathedral)
and the neighboring Archbishops’ Palace form a unique architectural ensemble.
Both from outside and inside.

Could be the backdrop of one of the older Alexandre Duma’s adventures.
The world famous french author hadn’t (so far as I know) any relation to Narbonne.

A glass of forgetfulness

Z 34

Each photo has a story, it isn’t sure that we see the same story all of us.
Frequencies on video presents us most often a story, but a photo leave us alone.
In creating the story we see.

Beside to know the reason for taking this photo, it created a story in my mind:
A french event where guests could taste “fruit juices”, 
just only have to bring with a wine glass themselves.
One had forgotten to bring the glass and had to eat fruit instead.

No ‘home made story will be better or worse than others.

Small talk with a view

L 15

A visiting ‘old’ friend from Denmark
was invited cycling in the local area
when he saw this beautiful vineyard
so he exclaimed, horrified: “Where are the grapes, where is the white wine”.

L 14

Some time ago, when we walked past the balcony
when I came to say very casually – without ulterior motive:
“The only thing that could make it more beautiful.
it was if there was a waving cute girl on it”.
Someone must have gossiped – because the other day
when I passed it so the owner of the balcony
a waving 85 year old sweet woman stood up there.

L 11

From now on I will call this ‘bench’ for the “Nemesis bench”
a word known from ancient greek mythology about the punishment for haughtiness
one ‘old’ german friend and his Better Half” was on a walk with us.
When he saw this old stump, he said with a laugh
“The perfect kiss-bench, if you are not satisfied then tilts just her in the water”.
He did not believe his wife had heard it.

When she sat down on the “bench” a little later, so he sat smiling on her thighs.
It was as if she was waiting for something – but he forgot to kiss her.
So she tilted him into the water – all laughing and the wet man.?
Not till he had come up again.

Ups and downs

H 37

Much can be abstract, an Eiffel Tower visit too.

Inspired from Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week “Abstract

An abstract can be a short summary too – years ago, 1998 I guess
I have a business reason for being in Paris – from monday to friday
my son (at that time twelve years old) had school free that week
so he join my journey, his first visit in Paris – he was very excited.

A huge impressive experience for him – which he spoke a lot about
until a few days after returning home – when he read about a frenchman
which two days later, we were there – had jumped off the Eiffel Tower in parachute
by cheating all security checks – my son was annoyed, not seen it.

A short abstract of a five-day after all eventful story.