Hunting success

H 04

French handballer, she dare chasing the luck.

Sometimes we think that luck follows the ‘wacky’ ones and not us
but luck isn’t something that shows up by itself, we have to chase it.
To go for a yes requires that we dare to receive a no
*Le Drake Noir*

Black’n white attitude


Success or failure is often described as black or white
but maybe black versus white does not always give the correct picture
a man “broken” by the failure or filled repressed delight of success ..?

There is no quality in this world
which isn’t what it is – merely by contrast
nothing exists in itself
(Herman Melville – american novelist)

Upwards isn’t necessarily the way


The best way out is always through
(Robert Frost – american poet)

Don’t go through life, grow through life
(Eric Butterworth – canadian educator)


We are not passed through by climbing one of the trees
but by taking the trip through the woods.
With the inspiration from Ailsa and her worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of this travel theme this week “Through


01 84

Iceland an area of ​​lava which most of all looks like some giant plowed furrows
aftermath of the underground forces that testify of gigantic strength and heat.

01 83

Sahara, gigantic forces of nature blurs very fast man-made tracks in the sand
actually disappear not only track, but also buildings, vehicles and man himself.

01 85

England, Merseyside – last winter – no goodwill from nature to the englishmen.

01 86

 The North Sea – when the sky and the sea are in one, so the colors are indeterminable
so the nature determines the agenda and the humans be only observing crew.

With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look at the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my version of the Travel theme “Ripples”.


Success is more dangerous than failure,
the ripples break over a wider coastline
(Graham Greene – english writer and literary critic)

Weekly Photo Challenge (big)


WordPress challenger weekly WP bloggers on creativity
glorious action, if you ask me
a very excellent initiative, a themed series called
Weekly Photo Challenge
where bloggers so on their own can let their creativity fly
this week’s theme is “big“.

The word “big” is a very big word
involving many many things
which can create the illusion that something is large
many things can be measured purely technical, others not.

For example, there may a be a very big man in a small body
and vice versa in a large body a tiny human.

Almost philosophical said one can even feel big and act big
by feel humble and perhaps more go after the result than after success
and thus be more successful at the end.

to conquer oneself to death“, one could call it

honestly said it’s also much easier to get things your way than get the credit for it.

Experiences can also make one feel real big
whatever the surroundings may think.

Being a father can make one feel so really big
and burning of pride even when they grow large
also bigger than oneselves.

Weekly Photo Challenge (growth)

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”
(Albert Einstein 1879-1955)

Growth can get so close that it’s look like degeneration
it is not easy to see, but this 30 year old oak has great growth
a lot of oak-trees at the same place
will make them grow faster all together
to capture the sun’s rays for their photosynthesis
faster than an oak tree, that grows alone
not at the expense of one another
but with the help of each other
it’s one of the ways
creating forests. 

Growth is many things and mostly is the growth of an area dependent on growth in one or more other areas – it’s called synergy – many believe that growth should be at the expense of something else – of course there are also costs – but nothing will succeed without the help from someone or something in one or another way 

even selfishness or perhaps precisely egotism is canceled 

and turn down, without some to be selfish to at all.

Let it growth.

“D” for digging graves

Letter “D” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)

 Vester Sottrup Church in southern Jutland (a part of Denmark),
not far from the border to Germany.
was german territory in the period 1864-1920
most people there are / were 2 languages speakers
a major part of the childhood was spent there
and I passed the church, both on way to school, to soccer or to shop.

to dig graves have nothing to do with churches or death in this context

but a version of the saying: “If you dig a grave for others, you may fall into it yourself” 

To had the right and getting the right
it may be two different things
some are more interested in getting the right than to have it
maybe a matter of honor.

It is also often easier to get things go your way, if you let others get the glory
because many cares more about that, than thing goes as they wish.

So if you have a plan or idea burning inside you
then find someone who are burning inside for getting the glory
then you will succeed in it

otherwise you may dig your own grave.