Old traditions still alive

Everyone probably knows that mermaids exist.
Everyone knows that these graceful creatures are luring seamen.
The coast of Normandy is no exception.
The most dangerous thing is when these sirens are singing.
The greek philosopher Plato says there were three kinds of sirens
– the celestial, the generative, and the cathartic.
The first is under the government of Zeus,
the second under government of Poseidon
and the third under government of Hades.

All in all, old traditions still alive.

Winterly fight for life

The french Alps in the Chamonix area.
The winter look still stay tuned close to the peaks.
But it’s a bit illusion, the day sun do the snow and ice no good,
the cold nights repair a little, but not enough.
Slowly the view of winter “fights for life”.