Smoking islanders

060 028

An old fishing hamlet (now more marina) at high noon,
with queue outside the old fish smoking house and noon-restaurant.
These yachting enthusiasts have a break in pleasant surroundings.
Some only a few hours before they sails further
Other they stays for days and explores the island by help of the local buses.
Tourists without boats but with cars or bike enjoy this “pitstop place” too.

The marina a bit like a giant parking lot outside of a shopping mall.
No doubt that it is pure enjoyment.

060 029 060 030

Small explorers

060 027

Buzy children in the hamlet of Ballen on the tiny danish island of Samsø.

Summer paradise for the smaller children in a protected part of the inner harbor.
A place where children can create experience with the wet element in safe environment.
At the same time, parents and grandparents be relaxed spectators close to the action.

060 025 060 026

Austrian upstairs

P 19

Earlier this summer, a day in the austrian Valluga area – between Arlberg and Tirol.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A walk or more correct a bike ride and a bit help from a cable car for the Valluga.

P 20

View from Valluga.

P 08

Not a mountain penthouse but excellent for what it’s built for – having a break.

K 88

In fact a peaceful night up there, no noisy sounds only new strange sounds.

P 21

Austrian nature ahead close to the line between Arlberg and Tirol..