Burning sunrise

029 001

Reddish alert through the trees this december morning,  the sun is arriving powerfully.

029 002


Dawning is the day

C 90

Seen tons of sunrises and never seen two like each other.

Here last year from the irish east coast looking in direction of northern Wales.

It is said that sunrises are as opportunities
if you don’t catch them so you just miss that special moment.

Lazy people says that it doesn’t matter there is a new one tomorrow.

Sunrises are technically speaking simple and similar each other
but theory and reality – can be like night and day.

Daily prompt “New Dawn

Be happy 3 “golden hours”


A golden morning hour in the danish summer paradise Skagen in northern Jutland.


All hours of the day are golden in this german city
at least according to the clock on the tower of the Freiburg Cathedral.


Trade fairs in the german city of Cologne large exhibition center
attracts many visitors to the city as the center is one of the world’s largest
and the neighboring city of Dusseldorf is a magnificent place to stay overnight
district Alte Dusseldorf (Old Dusseldorf) is worth a visit
many pubs and restaurants have “golden hours” through the evening.
Weekly Photo Challenge “Golden Hour