The symbolic equipment

J 69

Beach yolley on a hot summer day – is there any symbolism in these sunglasses.?

Wonder if there’s symbolism hidden in that the female players are much less clothed.?

Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names,
they want to divorce themselves from their predecessors
*Jim Morrison – american musician (The Doors)*

Every generation wants to be better than all previous generations.
At any time the present generation is jealous of the next generation.

Nevertheless plenty of symbolism survive generation after generation.
Much symbolism is adopted by others over time.
Much comes from the celts, vikings or other even more ancient  tribal cultures.
Also present religious as well as non-religious symbolism
such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Ramadan and so on are adopted traditions
even Halloween is dated before than pumpkins and religions came into action.

Wonder where the sunglasses came from.?

The symbolic but inspirng ‘kick’ from Paula’s Thursday’s Special, this week “Symbolism