Old-fashioned takeaway

There used to be a large bakery in this building in the small town.
The bakery shop and the little cafe were in the building with the red roof.
This was the warehouse and the baking room with the chimney.
The storage gate was only a small door, at that time everything was loaded by hand.

At the time, the town’s bakery was often more than just a bakery
– when the citizens of the town should have more guests for dining.
Then the baker fried their meat roasts in his large ovens, which then were picked up.
There were many kinds of family celebrations where the families’ ovens were too small.
On Christmas Eve, a lot of bustle, the ovens were full of duck roasts in particular.
Those with large sense of humor
– may wonder if it was the handed in duck that was later handed out.
Have never heard of anyone express regret, but don’t know.