Beautiful noise..?

A 99

Wonder how the silence really sounds
sometimes we talk about roaring silence
these two “silent” photos actually had the same “background noise”
according to someone a beautiful noise

The sound of silence, both early morning cityscape and the countryside a bit south.

Silence is a source of great strength
*Lao Tzu – chinese philosopher*

Silence is a true friend who never betrays
*Confucius – chinese philosopher*

Some mean silence do betray.maybe treacherous quiet before the storm.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies
but the silence of our friends
*Martin Luther King, jr. – american non-violent civil rights activist*

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence
*Leonardo da Vinci – italian polymath renaissance genius*
(painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer,
inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer)

Guess Elbert Hubbard has a point.

He who doesn’t understand your silence probably won’t understand your words
*Elbert Hubbard – american writer*

A 56

The 10 days old but latest theme of weekly photo “Contrast
(guess WP still have a 4th july party going on ‘big smile’)

Travel Theme Multiples


These beautiful looking lavender fields are pleasant smelling too
here from french Provence 2012
there’s supposed to be used 600 kilograms
to each tiny flacon with pleasant smelling elixir.003

These tiny snowflakes lying side by side close enough
so “children” of all ages can play, fooling and skiing
here from the wonderful norwegian Geilo
if nature fails, they have huge snowmaking equipment for help.


A single wind turbine doesn’t generate impressive power
but the great danish (offshore) wind farms with many turbines in one place
lifts together the task of creating effect
some build windbreaks, others build windmills.


The photo wagons from the danish police are economic golden eggs
officially their goal are educating the danes not to drive too fast
the truth is that each wagon earns its own value many many times each year
and the authorities calculates the significant revenue into the budget each year.


With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my version of the theme “Multiples

*all photos from 2012*


An alternative green theme

It is the third-largest island in Europe
and the twentieth-largest island on earth
well-known as called the Green Island or the Emerald Isle.

The weekly photo theme some weeks ago was “Green
well the very first thought may be this magnificent island.

wonderful irish nature
wonderful irish stout (beer)
wonderful irish songs
wonderful irish hospitality

all the great things which can be said about Ireland
so you would think they were a conceited people
but no, not at all – more contrary
irish people are generally very humble and a bit melancholic
historically, it is also a nation
who have tried how hard life can be.

Irish people about being irish:

A real irishman kan worried by the consciousness
att there is nothing to worry about ” (Austin O’Malley)

“Ireland is where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible”
(Charles Haughey)

“I had a very happy childhood,
which is unsuitable if you’re going to be an irish writer”
(Maeve Binchy)

May you have warm words on a cold evening,
a full moon on a dark night
and the road downhill all the way to your door
(an irish blessing)

Travel Theme Hot


With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my version of the theme “Hot

Greenland, hot or not

Maybe Greenland is not hot in temperature terms,
but there are many other parametric values which ​​indicating “the hot high north”.

Greenlanders themselves are friendly hospitable people
maybe even too much sometimes
these magnificent people with their own originality and culture
are not always treated worthy of us
their southern danish partners in the danish commonwealth.
or the more official name “The Danish Realm” 


– the greenlandic nature just so truly amazing hot.

Travel Theme Liquid

With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
my version of the theme “Liquid

By mixing impression of the words “travel” and “liquid”
so it is natural to think of fuel
a major condition for getting around the world.

Every time I come across Shell’s famous logo
I think of a tiny old-fashioned automobile repair garage in the swiss Montreux.
owned by an old mechanic with an exquisite kind of service his customers.

All holidays and private travel in Europe
it has through time been a large number of times
 it has mostly been in own car
it requires sometimes some liquid for the car (read fuel)
all these purchases are made through a so-called Euro Shell Card
very easy and represented in all European countries
electronic money transfer makes the money immediately end up
at the tank owner’s bank account
and debited from the card holder’s bank account at month-end
– the systen, it works real well.


A late afternoon when arrived Montreux from north in transit
there was a tiny repair and services business for cars
with 2 of these old-fashioned petrol pumps discreet in front
it’s so cozy and the owner came out and refueled the car
he insisted on checking oil and water too
as he spoke impressed about the car
he had heard that the danes had only old used cars.

Had asked about Euro Shell Card could be used
with positive feedback
came into his office and saw no electronic card terminal
he used a so-called “fluesmækker” (flyswatter)
an old-timer machine with paper voucher.

The day after was used for sightseeing in Montreux and surroundings
after the 2 nights in the city – the car was refueled again
not so much this time, mostly to support a small business man
before continuing the tour at the main targets – Firenze in Italy.

This was in the middle of june
at the end of the month when gasoline card statement came
so was the 2 amounts not charged my account
I thought that it might not be reached because it was manual
next month in july no expenditure on petrol in Switzerland
not august, september or october
not until the end of november, I was allowed to pay
of gasoline purchased in Switzerland in mid-june
– It was probably not gasoline sales he had as main business.

Special mid-week Photo Challenge (inspiration)

What inspires you to blog..?
a special photo challenge this mid-week
Word Press
I guess that there’re almost as many inspirations as there are bloggers.

The motivation it doesn’t have to be new, not at all
it may be a kind of “product” development too.

It applies in my case
in the past in “the very old days” when I was a child
there was no “institutions” for child care at that time
so it either grandparents or other older people
who looked after the children while parents worked or studied
it awakened interest in the personal story
both to hear and to tell them
and there are many good or sad stories light covered all around
waiting to be heard or to be told.

WordPress is a very ideal place meeting for that
whether it are photos, stories, recipes or other good/sad issues. 


In this sofa which was my mothers mother’s,
was built a large part of the foundation
which is the base to the person I am today

Learned both listening and speaking
in short called communication.

Learning to be open to knowledge
curious without being curious.

– the last photo, along with my parents on the sofa.

Ugly, a “U” word


The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of the good “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “U”.

The word “ugly” is a strange word
just as strange as the word “beauty”
it depends on the eyes looking
they is often referred to with objective look a like
but is always extremely subjective.

Among many young people it quite modern
to call something “ugly”, when they think that it is beautiful.


Off topic or little on topic
better rise from being an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan
instead of moving from birth as a nice little swan and grow up as an ugly duck.