Let our thoughts flow

046 015

Nothing to see and everything to see at the same time.
Perfect for a walk, where thoughts can let off steam the while

A seven day long Nature Photo Challenge – Day 1

I was challenged by a fellow blogger, Anna,  for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge.
76sanfermo” or “Una vista di San Fermo
A blogger from the northern Italy with really inspiring post.

I’ll turn round the challenge to those who read this – with a link for excellent nature pics.
So if not knowing “Mingophoto“ is chance for change by visting “Straßenfotografien“.

Never mind

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You cannot score a goal when you are sitting on the bench.
To do so, you have to dress up and enter the game
*Israelmore Ayivor – ghanaian writer*

On the other side so we will not have success by letting others set the pace.
The world hazards quickly nowadays, we have to hurry to keep up
Hey what helps it to run with the head under our arms.?
Being too rushed given’t better result as only sit on the bench.

A bench close to my old parents home, with view over the sea.

Perfect for making up our minds.

Let the thoughts flow

029 017

Probably at the end of nowhere land with the views of nowhere sea.
Could look like the bench of loneliness, but perhaps a truth with modifications.
The feeling of loneliness is said to be stronger in the middle of densely populated areas.
Here is a place people seeks  if they want to be alone with their own thoughts.
While benches in cities are often used as a contact platform, aka talk to me.

Paint in mind from a distance

M 87

Teasing stilettos, paint in mind from a distance.
The human brain paints pictures all the time, always it is on.
Sometimes a dream, a thought, an illusion, an assessment or a conjecture.
At other times it does as it feel for, without regard for the one who carries it around.

The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child
*Two quotes of Pablo Picasso – spanish painter*

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream
*Vincent van Gogh – dutch painter*

The worth visting Ailsa and her weekly challenge  this week challenge “Paint“.