Just in time

T 40

Sometimes gripped by a mood, we look out over the sea or the breeze of the waves.
Then we can feel that the time is standing still or endless.

Weekly photo challenge “Time

It’s being here now that’s important.
There’s no past and there’s no future.
Time is a very misleading thing.
All there is ever, is the now.
We can gain experience from the past,
but we can’t relive it;
and we can hope for the future,
but we don’t know if there is one
*George Harrison – english rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, author and sitarist*
(best known as the lead guitarist for The Beatles)

Said in a a head line:

Time is an illusion
*Albert Einstein – good old Albert*

The summer of 69

T 39 0

Three friends, two, nine and eighty years old.

From the the border area between Germany and Denmark.
The photographer is the mother or father of the two youngest lads.
The oldest – the neighbor who serves as the “assisting” grandpa,
because the real ones lived very far away.

This old friend of my younger brother and I.
He was conscripted soldier in World War One.

In spite of all the atrocities he had experienced in his youth.
So he was a very positive, inspiring, knowledgeable and balanced (hi)storyteller.

Weekly photo challenge “Optimistic

Clockwork Orange

H 55

Misty snow-free winter mood with surviving autumn colors.
The color orange may not be lead actor but an influential ingredient
which occurs continuously in many different contexts.

Weekly photo challenge “Orange

P 025

Gare du Nord in Paris, both men and women wear the color orange.


Stanley Park in Liverpool in fall dress.


A danish pumpkins field last fall, ready for Halloween.


The illuminated concert hall of the danish city of Aarhus.


Weathering of the mountains of southern Europe reveals the fashionable colors.


The cities at the french Côte d’Or mirrored in the Mediterranean.