Only missing a mailbox

Idyllic village pond with luxury duck house.


The heels of village people

M 010

A walk in one of the small villages of Samsø – captured earlier this summer.

The idyllic village pond was in the old days used by the smallholdings in the village
to water their cows, so in the mornings and in the evenings it was filled with drinking cows.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this area is perfect for inspiring walking or even better biking.

M 008

The coffee is ready.

M 009

A horse with a view.

M 007

The old bell tower, it’s over 150 years old
it was used to call the sun up and down
or warning of fire or other threats
also at funerals, weddings plus one could buy a private bell-ringing.
The local church is located 3 ½ miles from the village
so the church bells weren’t always heard clear.

M 011

A couple of cute german tourists just come with the little ferry
even on a tiny island which is 28 km long and only 9 kilometers at its widest point
there easily can be some doubts about the direction is right and help is needed
they stopped a man on mountain bike and asked if he lived on the island.
My answer was
“No, but I was born here once in the past century”