Modern old-fashionedness

Kaysersberg and Kintzheim, two nearby alsatian gems.
Settlements with plenty of idyllic charming atmosphere.
Snapshots from experiences throughout the fall as time gave way.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Lots of old-fashionedness in the modern way.

Fun to live close to a view that people travel far to see.
See it several times a day when I’m home.

Early morning, later in the day
– filled with residents and tourists.
Both scenarios are charming.

One of the most popular photo subjects in the entire Alsace.?

Not bad to have your own observation tower in the backyard.
Keep an eye on the neighbors and wine clusters in the field.?

Stork relaxing, the kids have left home at last.?

Eight hundred year old icon

Nearly the northernmost part of the danish part of the Wadden Sea,
“one and a half stone throw” from the coast lies the ancient city of Ribe.
Of many called Denmark’s most beautiful market town (see below).
Atmosphere gathered from centuries fills this historic city.

Midway between the Wadden Sea and the city could this statue be seen.
Imagining Queen Dagmar performed by sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen.
Her history is forever linked (along with the cathedral) to the history of the city.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Walk through the city streets, once housing the rich and poor.
Now architectural history, which is not poor at all.

In Denmark, the word market town (danish: købstad) has existed since the Iron Age.
It isn’t known which was the first danish market town, Ribe were among the first.
The last town to gain market rights (danish: købstadsprivilegier) was in 1958.
At the municipal reform of 1970, market towns were merged with neighboring parishes,
then the market towns lost their special status and privileges
– the word isn’t used much anymore, only historic.


Life beyond forestry

Modern (french too) forestry is much more than cutting down trees.
With a modern expression, the infrastructure is trimmed.
Because forestry is beyond nature also about economics.
But there are very often spaces left to enjoy life among wonderful trees too.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Mountain bike ride about a week ago.

Haphazardly around

Sweet for the sweet, so I’ll have a cup of coffee.

A bit “haphazardly” through the northern part of Alsace,
added mountain biking and glances for random things.
Added even more – countless coffee breaks.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Old materials put together again – gentle renovation.

A french thistle who doesn’t know it is october and autumn.
This kind of flower is actually scottish national flower.

The view is confined
– but green vegetation trying to look out anyway.

Fortunately, bikes have saddle to sit on,
so there shouldn’t be relied on dubious benches.

Viewed through an open gate,
probably equipment for a new StarWars movie.???

Green avenue.

So much reminiscent of an old Pink Floyd cover.
Think the cow knows it, doesn’t it looks a little arrogant.?

Last train has been run quite a long time ago.?


Abandoned stories

At the lake stood a flower and seems both completely abandoned
and out of step with the time of year for flowers in bloom.
A mountain bike ride in that side of Alsace, which is a little abandoned.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Nothing more french than an abandoned Citroen 2CV.
Don’t know how big the share of this make and model of all abandoned cars.
When an abandoned car is seen it is often such one in France.

A small part of the french line of defense from WW One.

Something that isn’t longer what it was before it collapsed long ago.

Factory equipment that tells a story, but not what it was used for.

Certainly a wonderful hotel in the past, but the roof is still not leaking.

Alsace is very rich in castles and castle ruins too.


Cologne, a german city with roots back in the past, very far back.
It is really seen in many places of the cityscape, but development is also seen.
The elder beautiful bridge over the river Rhine.
Between the huge Exhibition Center and the Cologne Dom was as new,
a very modern construction – but since overtaken by new projects.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.