Dark side of humanity

Life leaves its sign of traces, for better or worse,
which even sunrise or sunset can’t hide.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

We ordinary people are only human beings, with all our human shortcomings,
that is why we have chosen politicians with overall responsibility.
To make the right decisions for everyone including the earth
The history is full of examples of they not lifting the common yoke.
That war against civilians isn’t part of the solution, but part of the problem.
The wounds around the world often end up becoming museums instead.
We don’t get smarter but mostly end up in doing business as usual.

One of all these “museums” is the french village of Oradour-sur-Glane,
a monumental image of the shadow side of our so-called humanity.
Untouched since 1944, around 650 inhabitants were executed – only six survived.

Shit happens with trouble

Toilets in model form World War One seen in some fortresses of Alsace
– used by both french and german soldiers (not at the same time).
The facilities have just changed “owners” a few times during the years.
In fact, there were sometimes air deficiencies in the underground plants.
No electricity, both petrol lamps and candles often went out due to lack of oxygen.
Unpleasant and dangerous to the soldiers, almost as dangerous as the war itself.

Between life and shadows

Verdun 001

Verdun 008

Verdun 002

Between historical shadows the french town of Verdun is located in french Lorraine
River Meuse (in dutch “Maas”) runs through the city, which has about 25,000 inhabitants.
This area is one of the World War One largest battlefields
solely in 1916 there were more than 320,000 soldiers killed
when german and french troops fought each other for 10 months, day after day largely.

Weekly photo challenge “Between

Verdun 004

Verdun 005

L’Ossuarie de Douaumont.

Verdun 006

Verdun 007

Large parts of the area are laid out as nature reserve
because the fightings made the ground unusable for agricultural purposes
in the area there are also some of the largest military cemeteries in the world.

Verdun 003

The light through the Notre Dame Cathedral stained glass window
it indicates that the colors and life goes on in the city of Verdun.

Between all the memories from the past.

Who’ll stop the rain

M 002

Razor wire at trenches.

The danish multi-artist Robert Storm Petersen (1882-1949) once said:
We could learn a lot from quotes and sayings, but we don’t

We could also learn a lot from wars, but we do nor.
so many places are memories of war as monuments to mankind’s foolishness
in an absurdly way become fascinating but often don’t inspiring in a preventive way.

Five alsatian reminders which this year is one hundred years old, from World War I.

M 003

A kind of connection, or what..?

M 004

Even in a trench from the war there may be a door ajar.

M 001

The vast majority of wars are political or religious, rarely neighbor based disputes
but the ordinary people and the soldiers are hostages in this game.

But even from a trench, sometimes we can see the sunlight.

Conversation promotes understanding.

M 005

Old warning on the square

P 097

This old thing on the Cuxhaven square, reminding us of a time long ago – and yet
the question is whether we have become wiser – whether we want to be smarter.

All fights shows probably just who is the strongest and not necessarily who is right ..?

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind
(John F. Kennedy – former us-president

War does not determine who is right – only who is left
(Bertrand Russell – british philosopher)

Politicians take soldiers as hostages for their machinations
while soldiers are people like everyone else, sometimes intentionally misused
so any dissatisfaction should be directed at politicians.

Daily prompt “Break the silence” as the inspiring ‘kick’.