Small explorers

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Buzy children in the hamlet of Ballen on the tiny danish island of Samsø.

Summer paradise for the smaller children in a protected part of the inner harbor.
A place where children can create experience with the wet element in safe environment.
At the same time, parents and grandparents be relaxed spectators close to the action.

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Let our thoughts flow

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Nothing to see and everything to see at the same time.
Perfect for a walk, where thoughts can let off steam the while

A seven day long Nature Photo Challenge – Day 1

I was challenged by a fellow blogger, Anna,  for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge.
76sanfermo” or “Una vista di San Fermo
A blogger from the northern Italy with really inspiring post.

I’ll turn round the challenge to those who read this – with a link for excellent nature pics.
So if not knowing “Mingophoto“ is chance for change by visting “Straßenfotografien“.