Uplifted contrasts

A 24

The Watzmann a mountain in the bavarian Alps south of the village of Berchtesgaden
it is the third highest in Germany, and the highest located entirely on german area
the two higher are located with the peaks exactly at the german-austrian borderline.

The three main peaks along a ridge on the mountain’s taller western half:
Hocheck (in english High Edge) 2.651m
Mittelspitze (in english Middle Peak) 2,713m
and Südspitze (in english South Peak) 2,712m.

The Watzmann massif also includes the 2307 m Watzmannfrau
(in english Watzmann Wife)
and the Watzmannkinder (in english Watzmann Children)
five lower peaks in the recess between the main peaks and the Watzmannfrau.

One of the lower peaks (1.800m) in the area is known for a fortress built by Hitler
“Kehlsteinhaus” or “Adolf Hitler’s Eagle Nest”
today a museum and a warning and learning about how bad thing goes if we don’t care.

The entire massif located inside the Berchtesgaden National Park.

Weekly photo theme “Contrast“ coincided with a visit in this area from friday to sunday
and the fact that mountains and their surrounding area is full of contrasts
perhaps many more than we are aware of – it was the inspiring kick.

A 21

A 20

A 22

A 23

A 011

A 28

A 29

A hot summer day but then an ice hard snowbank overtly left in the sunshine.

A 27

Between 2 directions

M 023

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice – in practice there is
*Yogi Berra – american athlete*

It isn’t always easy to tell which way things are moving, often there’s something between.

Weekly photo challenge 2nd version of “Between

Between life and shadows

Verdun 001

Verdun 008

Verdun 002

Between historical shadows the french town of Verdun is located in french Lorraine
River Meuse (in dutch “Maas”) runs through the city, which has about 25,000 inhabitants.
This area is one of the World War One largest battlefields
solely in 1916 there were more than 320,000 soldiers killed
when german and french troops fought each other for 10 months, day after day largely.

Weekly photo challenge “Between

Verdun 004

Verdun 005

L’Ossuarie de Douaumont.

Verdun 006

Verdun 007

Large parts of the area are laid out as nature reserve
because the fightings made the ground unusable for agricultural purposes
in the area there are also some of the largest military cemeteries in the world.

Verdun 003

The light through the Notre Dame Cathedral stained glass window
it indicates that the colors and life goes on in the city of Verdun.

Between all the memories from the past.

Extra spice creates stories

87 003

When we see something, then it becomes transmuted from our eyes to our brain
usually attached to a subjective explanation from our imagination – as some extra spice.
Sometimes when we see a man at a florist go in and buy a flower
then it’s easy to think “I wonder what he has done ..?” – maybe he has a guilty conscience
I guess most of us men buy flowers all too rarely.

Weekly photo challenge “Extra extra
*share a photo which has a little something extra*

Public room

88 002

The square in front of fish market at the small harbor
one of the many public rooms, today on a rainy friday just before noon
public rooms are characterized in that they don’t have walls or ceilings
in any case, only imaginary walls and not always high up to that ceiling which isn’t there.

The public rooms have the strength that the room is changing from day to day
the sun, the wind and the clouds are the main cause for this change
it’s just like getting our surroundings freshly painted every day.

Weekly photo challenge “Room

All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret
*Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez – colombian short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist*

W 044

The public room last thursday afternoon.

W 043

The public room outside a cafe like this, it’s actually a win-win situation..?

We look at those who sit at the tables when we pass
and if we sit at the tables ourselves so we look at those who cross our line of sight.

Enjoy your coffee, I did it yesterday – both – the view inspired for enjoying a cup of coffee.

At the public room.

Detour as a shortcut

W 006

Sometimes we humans make bigger problems for ourselves than necessary
be alarmist or painting the devils face on the wall, it’s mostly called
dark prospects some would call this scenario
but why always try to climb over the problems ahead, often there’s a way around it.
Sometimes a detour is a shortcut.

Remember to always looks at the bright side of life
it might help whistling according to Monty Python.

Weekly photo challenge “Split-second story
*capture an image that tells a full story in a single frame*

By the way, so the photo is taken about a month ago in the southern german Bavaria.

Another twist

P 091

A peculiar bird or whatever it is – it’s a hang-glider
available in different brands and types actually, some of them called French Twist.
By the way so French Twist also be a special hairstyle or plait used by long-haired girls.

Weekly Photo Challenge “Twist
Twist is a comprehensive word that can mean a lot
turning, rotation, unexpected outages, stud poker game, dancing, chewing tobacco
not forgetting the delicious norwegian mixed sweet confections
are also concepts in both mathematics, physics and statistics
and countless many other things.

Wikipendia list “link

Guess mostly knows the adventure of Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens.

P 092

A kind of twist..?