Do they know it is winter

Fourteen days before spring, winter spoiled by “hot water”.

According to the calendar, so it is european winter at present.
In fact so the time running, so officially only fourteen days left.
Wondering about winter have had early summer holidays.?

Almost like waiting in vain for a bus.

Cool butterfly

Alsace now, it is assumed to be winter according to the calendar.
Nevertheless meet a creature that is expected to be a sign of non-winter.

Hidden nudity

Alsace, a lake on a quiet january winter day.
Hides its nudity by mirroring the surroundings.

The naked “wounds” in the forest are hidden by a green carpet of moss.

The pebbles seem at a distance to be a rug,
but seen closely, they break the uniformity.

Some green growths don’t know it’s winter and keep the color,
while stones use camouflage as if they had enemies.

Space for reflection

Immediately north-northeast of Kaysersberg there is large wonderful area
– lots of nature, lots of experiences and especially now lots of idyllic peace.
According to the weather from many people’s point of view so it gives room
– room for outdoor enjoyment without pushing each other.

Rocher des Corbeaux could be one of the breaks and plenty of space for reflection.

No negatively colors


Winter time means that we have to add lively colors ourselves.
Nature now enjoys more basic colors.

Life is a painting, and you are the artist.
You have on your palette all the colors in the spectrum
– the same ones available to Michelangelo and da Vinci
*Paul J. Meyer – american businessman*