Historical framed

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Inside the Witches Weighhouse Oudewater Netherlands.

Male-made frames for women
has not always been impressive
excuses have been many and weird
broadly all religions have at some time been used as an alibi.

Religion and belief is a great tool for many for internal use
but in the wrong hands with the wrong agenda
a terrible weapon for external use.

The european christian witch hunts in the 16th century is a very black spot
the danish part of that history is appalling and awful – to use the nicest words
examples of use of this “tool” to eliminate rivals and enemies are countless.

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The little dutch idyllic river town, Oudewater, has many frames
and is worth a visit for many reasons
exception of all the eye-catching – also a historical reason.

The City of Oudewater was the only one in Europe that received the privilege for a fair weighing process, granted by holy roman emperor Charles 5th – consequently, nobody here was ever convicted of being a witch – in this building, already in the 16th century, this weighing took place – then it was a matter of life or death for those accused of witchcraft: many women ended up on the pyre -. but not in Oudewater” (Museum de Heksenwaag)


The inspiration to awaken these thoughts of framework came from reading Marianne’s blog “East of Málaga” and her theme “framed” – can’t help it.

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