Back to the future

Youngsters enjoyed cozy play on the beach with a ball – dressed after own choice.
Was being on the beach by chance, they saw my camera,
then they asked me to take some pics of their fun.
Afterward the pics were transferred electronically to them,
the only “payment” was that I may use one pic.

Haven’t used the image until now where Amanda inspired:
Namely this week “Back to the future” theme in the “Friendly Friday”.
Something to ponder about

Made me think about how (dirty.?) old men
very often try to set rules for women’s attire or lack thereof.
Orders and prohibitions are, in fact, not women’s own choice – as it should be.
Let all these old men (who are not one group) look back to the future.
This applies to sports, such as beach yolley, beach handball and more.
Women should only wear minimal bikinis, according to the rules.
(the norwegian national team was fined for playing in tight shorts not tiny bikinis,
rather come there no male spectators were the reasoning of the old men.?
Another group of old men demanding women are veiled,
so only eyes are visible in public space.
Not women’s problem, but definitely men who have a problem.