Self punishment

We make lots of fences now a days..
When do we find out that it is ourselves:
We’re closing out.?



T 09

The world of distribution is a fascinating world, filled with mystery seen from afar.
The hallmark of all these containers in many different business characteristics.
They are coincident and do not provide the possibility of an observing overview.
Of course there is an “internal” identification system, everything else would be craziness.

Weekly photo challenge “Alphabet

It’s in the air

F 08

In the North Atlantic on the volcanic island of Iceland
there tourists can buy fresh Icelandic mountain air canned and there are sold a lot.
Said without irony, it’s a refreshing offer.
Sometimes we humans tend to be superficial also in terms of nature
children don’t always know where milk comes from
or that their cornflakes from the start grows on fields as a plant.
Unfamiliarity with nature goes all the way into adulthood.
Nature is not like being in zoos or at botanical gardens.

By the way – for those interested so these cans costing 6.48 euros per piece

Photo from my latest visit on the amazing island of Iceland.

Photo 101, 8th day theme “Natural World