Human rights for “man”.?

25 November – the International day on the elimination of violence against women.
Violence against female is a problem of pandemic proportions.
Not infrequently, it ends up killing.

The so-called civilized Western Europe takes up so much in the statistics,
In France alone, 110 women have been killed this year – quite a lot.
For all these “civilized” countries, the violent or murderer is
– so often very very often either boyfriend / husband or a former one of that kind.

*Same ‘girl’ – the 3th a “nameless” painter in the Montmartre neighborhood*

Self punishment

We make lots of fences now a days..
When do we find out that it is ourselves:
We’re closing out.?


T 09

The world of distribution is a fascinating world, filled with mystery seen from afar.
The hallmark of all these containers in many different business characteristics.
They are coincident and do not provide the possibility of an observing overview.
Of course there is an “internal” identification system, everything else would be craziness.

Weekly photo challenge “Alphabet