Black sheep of the family

Worse case is to be the black sheep of the family..?

It’s always the same old song or almost
some claims proud to be the black sheep of the family
or some claims that somebody other is it
but is it that bad to be..?

Knowing a real black sheep of a family, it seems not that bad to be at all.

As the familar black sheep at the home of a retired farmer and officer, so it seems to be   real very comfortable way of life – a life as the yolk of an egg – quiet surroundings, with a house to be in – if the weather is too bad (to chase a dog out) – and speaking of dogs, then the ‘position’ as the black sheep of the family – it may be better than being the family dog.

The sheep is now 13-14 years old and not that black anymore not as in the younger days.

From it own domain up behind, there’s a perfect view of everything that happens on the property – and it’s meant everything – no people or animals, whether wild or not wild – avoid the “guard dog” attention – everything from the postman to the neighbor’s cat and the wild pheasants – yes they get a greeting with – so no one in the house may fail to notice that there are guests in sight – it’s not the dog who barks, but the sheep who bleat – okay so the dogs also bark, but it’s the sheep that starts the show.

The black sheep has its very own giant kitchen garden with lots of grass and many interesting plants – mostly wild plants that have come of itself. 

But it isn’t possible to reach to eat it all – not at all – the kindly people come daily with delights – it can be discarded vegetables from their kitchen garden, it may be wheat, it can be discarded strawberries, it can be anything possible delicious – so the old black sheep’s own kitchen garden have to wait.


Maybe it’s hard work being the black sheep of the family, but it’s worth it..



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