Weekly Photo Challenge (urban)

 Time heals all wounds.

Earlier this year, in the early may, a larger town tree was cropped very strongly – it looked at first sight so violently out there in the little main town and one might think that it would influence sphere in town long after – now it’s late august and as it’s said then all wounds healed by time – the tree shape the town sphere but in a different manner than expected.

Nature is, even into urban sphere, strong and full of life. 


The first picture taken today and the second took almost 4 months ago
the large tree has taken up the fight
the little tree has seen his gigant role model struggle
and very interesting – the house behind the tree
is not progressed further in the craftsman project. 

All the wounds cityscapes over time will get
will be blurring of “the future cobweb”
whether they are good or bad “wounds”

But wounds are wounds even if they are healed
they will always be there – underneath the enamel.

With people, it’s working the same way
their wounds are often hidden by the veil of the future
you can’t always guess their behavior
it need not be a threat
but can be a challenge too
reading others attitude and behavior
and by interest in others
so one do many things easier for oneself.