About “Le Drake Noir”

Lidt rundt om “Andrikken”…

Den ulænkede sorte andrik – måske lidt næbbet men altid med et glimt i øjet
som 5 årig i 1965 med sin ged – det er så geden i den hvide joggingdragt
sikkert nok med de “forkerte” meninger
da så mange andre jo altid påstår at havde taget de rigtige,
så det var jo lige som hvad der var tilbage på hylden.

Underforstået jeg gi’r udtryk for min mening og har tillid til (og forventning om)
at andre gør det samme – altså gi’r udtryk for deres egen mening.

in english:

The black drake without chains – maybe with a bit “cheeky” beak at the innocent way
and always with a twinkle in his eye
here as 5 years old in 1965 with his goat, the goat is the one in the white jogging suit
surely probably with the “wrong” opinions,
when so many others always claim to have taken the correct opinions
so it was just like what was left on the shelf.

Understood, I’ll always give express my opinion and have the trust (and expectation)
that others doing the same thing – gives their point of views.



“Min overfladiskhed, den bunder ikke så dybt” – (“My superficiality, it stems not so deep”)


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Most of time living in Alsace, when not do travel.
Earlier lived norweigian Kristiansand so english Merseyside.
Often added visits in Corsica, Pyrenees, german Schleswig
my danish native island Samsø and besides them
several other unscheduled areas – much sailing “wild” sea too.

217 tanker om “About “Le Drake Noir”

  1. Nogle gange må man tage det der er tilbage på hylden, det er heldigvis de færreste gange man ikke finder ud af at bruge det til noget godt for sig.

    Glædelig Nytår Hr. And. Må det nye år bringe en masse godt.


    • #.lilleQ
      Nemlig man går ikke helt galt i byen med at være lidt pragmatisk indstillet
      ind i mellem – nogen gange er det måske ligefrem en fordel… 😉

      Tusind tak og ilm… ‘smiler’

  2. Hej Andrik 🙂 Måtte lige se, hvad du gik og bedrev! Tak for dit besøg hos “mig” og mine fotos. Håber vi ses igen.
    Det lille s/h foto af den 5-årige And + ged er herligt.

    • #.cornelia lohs – 06062012.1321
      Congratulations on the award – it’s really well deserved.
      Thanks for setting my blog om your list, I’m honored… 😉

    • #.bela remy – 07062012.1544
      It’s your own fault that you can not make me shaken off as a regular reader – you write and photograph so I insist on reading your posts on your blog… ‘big big smile’

      Thanks for mentioning me, I’m delighted… 😉

  3. Jag förstàr danska och norska, men pratar svenska… Kan inte skriva med ° över “A”, sà det blir à istället… “Maria de Suède” betyder ju “Maria fràn Sverige” helt enkelt…

    Meningar, det betyder sà mycket med sà mànga olika aspekter för olika personer… ☺

    • #.maria de suede – 16062012.0817
      Hejsa – du må gerne skrive på svensk, jeg læser og forstår det ganske udemærket – jeg kan dog ikke tale og skrive svensk selv – du må også gerne skrive på fransk, det forstår jeg både i tale og skrift… 😉

  4. #.resa mcconaghy – 29072012.0222
    Thanks, appreciate your last sentense… 😉

    Agree, there can easily turn up language barrier in a place like WordPress – when I started on WP I wrote in danish, but later on I turned into english and use that most now in my post – in my comment sometimes french or german if someone use it… ;.)

  5. Thank you for being a good sport and leaving a like on my contest entry…one question…. is there a winner within each theme (love/survival/growth) or there is only one winner for all the themes? 😛 Good luck to you nevertheless 🙂 If I have to lose, I want you to win! 😀

    • #.kz
      Congratulations – I completely agree with the blogger who nominated you – you deserve it, indeed – I am very honored that you think of “Le Drake Noir” when you subsequently nominate some other bloggers – thank you so much, I really appreciates it so much… 🙂 😉

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  8. Hello Drake, I remembered you today as I swore your people… I had a translation in English sent by some Danish people, and though language was quite understandable they made a horrible mistake of leaving an abbreviation in Danish – never saying it was in Danish, and the text was supposed to be in English…. My boss and I spent an hour googling what OPP is … the obtained results ranged from “other people pussy” to “one puzzle piece”, and when I finally decided to put together ppp and opp ( I suspected that it should have been ppp) – the result came out that opp is Danish for ppp… anyway Danes are on my blacklist today…. Just to alert you 😀

  9. Hello, How are you? I remember you following my blog Travel With Kat on wordpress.com and I notice that you have just started following again. I moved from there over to wordpress.org last August. I was told that my followers would automatically be transferred but in many cases this didn’t happen. Obviously I would love you to follow Travel With Kat and if you would still like to I’m afraid you will have to sign up by email at TravelWithKat.com
    all the very best,

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  11. Hi – thought I’d ask someone who might know … Copenhagen is a stop on our cruise this Spring. It’s embarassing to ask how to do your city in a single day … but could you suggest what to see, what area of the city to visit … ?

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  13. Hello! Is it 7 languages that you speak? I know you told me once, but I can’t remember what post’s comments that was in. Also, I believe I read in a comment that you were born on an island. True? _Resa 😉

  14. Thank you Le Drake Noir for checking out my blog and liking some posts, I appreciate it a lot! I am glad to have found your blog, I really like your photos and thoughts, and stories about Denmark. A really great blog!

  15. Ledrakenoir, thanks for popping over to my blog and thanks for the like. Been trying to work out where you are from and am putting my money on Sweden. Looks like you have been over to Ireland, judging by the posts. Will continue to look around. Enjoy the day, MM 🍀

    • #.meticulousmick
      Glad to see you here – agree it might be difficult to place me exactly – is danish born (on a very tiny island) but spent much of my childhood and youth in the northern German (7 years) – then moved back to Denmark – has since lived longer periods in both France (4-5 years), Norway (3-4 years) and England (3-4 years) – but also had close relations with the Netherlands (1 year), Sweden and Tunisia – are now living in Liverpool, giving a lot of relationships to scots, welsh and irish too – my elderly parents still live in Denmark, so those I visit as often as possible – in a way expatriate dane, your roots you will never forget – but always been well taken up the places I have stayed in realtion to my business… 🙂

      Have a wonderful day… 🙂

  16. Hi Le Drake Noir, I was new to blogging last year and I guess I have explored hundreds of different blogs over the year – people who live in Spain, writers, photographers, foodies, book reviewers and some I struggle to define! That’s a lot of reading. And you too have read my blog, in its first year, when I was finding my way. So as a big THANK YOU for your support, I’d like to nominate you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.
    Please click below to read more about the award:-
    Please accept this message as a gesture of gratitude, so if you don’t want to follow the award’s rules then that’s fine too!
    Many thanks, and Happy Blogging in 2014.

    • #.anjushree shankar
      Thanks a lot, really appreciate this
      – you are much too kind, really appreciate your words… 🙂


      1* – Freedom and responsibility means a lot to me – together – neither is worth much alone – also respect for their equal rights… 🙂
      2* – music or captured a smile from someone… 🙂
      3* – “!I could drown in your eyes”… 🙂
      4. – No doubt inspiration from others writings, because we all so different… 🙂
      5* – India… 🙂
      6* – Either religious or atheist, atheism is just another religion, but I have deep respect for the freedom of others to believe what they want as long as they allow others the same… 🙂
      7* – “Learning to fly” with Pink Floyd… 🙂
      8* – There are many – once sat with some friends in Denmark late one night when we were talking about a great pizza at a restaurant near the Italian Venice – invited the others on pizza and an hour after we drove off in my car – 1200 km – was down there by noon the day after – for pizza and the owner was very happy to see us – after the pizza we spent the rest of the day at the beach and then drove the 1,200 km back again … 🙂
      9* – War is never a solutionis at most an emergency solution – contents of life is the most important, personal development are more important than others to be impressed – like both simple life and luxury just not all the time… 🙂
      0* – Not easy to do, don’t know… 🙂 😉


    • #.greenpete
      The pleasure all mine… 🙂

      There are several reasons for the interest in language – it is also the easiest way to learn about other people and cultures – and I love to learn… 🙂 🙂

  17. ….Violet quietly approaches the lounge where Le Drake Noir laughs and chats with his companions. Clearing her throat, she directs her words to him with her gaze, “Excuse me Sir- i’m sorry- we haven’t met. but i accidentally overheard you speaking with a Friend of a Friend of a Friend of a Friend of a….. and i was compelled to introduce myself. The purpose, i’m not certain ‘why’, yet…..
    You may or may not’ve heard some of our mutual Friends refer to a “duck-whisperer”, perhaps? that would be me. i am PurpleDukk; Almost~Alice; Violet Skye.
    Blushing under the over-long silent attention of the small group, Violet takes a step back trying not to run, “i know this may sound mad, (becuz it does to me, Violet thinks to herself) i am strangely pressed to tell you that i was born on 25 November 1962.”
    Beginning to stammer in addition to appearing to cave under the stress of public speaking, Violet forces herself to finish- “Again, Sir, i apologize for the intrusion- i just wanted to meet you in person and to say “Hello.”
    Violet takes another step back, taking one last look directly into the eye of Le Drake Noir, before turning to disappear like a flash of lightening into the gathering crowd just beyond…..

  18. Hi there!
    Thanks for following. I’m a happy camper now you are joining me as I trip around by RV, plane, car and time machine to the past.
    Comments, compliments, critiques and wisecracks are most welcome.
    You have a great blog. “See” you again soon.
    Which Way Now 101 aka Carol

  19. I can’t check Like on everything … although I would had I the time. Biggest thank you for reminding me of two wee books I’ve owned for 50 years, Grooks I and II. The simplicity of life once found through Piet Hein.

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  22. Hey! You have very interesting blog and I like it very much! A lot of colorful photos and very clever articles! I’m glad to meet you in my blog too! If you like fashion or music, come! Good luck! And I hope to see you in my blog. -Vlad

  23. Just wanted to say that I have a pingback to ‘Daytripper’, Drake, but it doesn’t open and I can’t find it on your blog. Maybe you’re saving it for next Monday? 🙂

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  27. Hej Andrik, tak for din kommentar forleden. Jeg nyder dine billeder her, men jeg er i tvivl om, hvor du er i verden. Under alle omstændigheder, kærlig hilsen Andrea

    • #.andrea
      Det meste af året opholder jeg mig i Alsace tæt på Colmar, det har været mit hjem i snart 10 år – periodevis arbejder jeg også i Liverpool, mit andet hjem så at sige – des foruden har jeg noget rejseaktivitet til forskellige europæiske destinationer, arbejdsrelateret med indbygget fritid – desuden jævnlige besøg hos mine gamle forældre i Danmark – de bedste hilsner til dig… 🙂

  28. Smukke billeder, altid tankevækkende. Tak til deling.
    Belles images, toujours réfléchis. Merci pour le partage.
    Beautiful images. Always thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

  29. ¡Hola colega! ¿Qué tal? ¿Cómo estás? Espero que muy bien. Oye, desde hace tiempo he querido preguntar ¿desde cuando hablas español? ¿El español es una lengua popular para aprender en Dinamarca? ¿Alguna vez has visitado México o Latinoamérica?
    Espero no ser imprudente con mis preguntas, sólo es curiosidad 🙂
    Que tengas un excelente día 🙂

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