Colors may arise out of the blue

Luc Arbogast

One of the many colors of life in the streets of the french city of Strasbourg
this could be meeting some of all these street musicians.
For example, Luc Arbogast who has close relations with the alsatian area.

A french musician with passion for old instruments and medieval music
moreover well known both as singer and songwriter too.

Seen several times and fall perfectly into the old and charming atmosphere.

The inspiring colored ‘paint brush touch’ from Paula’s Thursday’s Special
Tell a Story through Colour Photography

Step’ing stone in the sand

K 11

Those who say dromedaries don’t own sense of humor, don’t know anything about it.

.My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A little walk in Sahara, honestly so the dromedary did the walking.

K 07

Left back in paradise.?

K 05

K 08

The old gate probably full loaded with secrets behind, who knows.?

K 09

K 14

From a distance, in the shimmering heat – shepherds and goats take a break in the sun.

K 10

Impressive, even one tree doesn’t do a forest, so it do fascinate.

K 12

The land of gold or just look like.

K 13

In front, the past.

Lady White

K 25

There she was just a-walkin’ down the street
singin’ do-wah diddy-diddy down diddy-do
snappin’ her fingers and shufflin’ her feet
singin’ do-wah diddy-diddy down diddy-do
*written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich in 1963*

It was a “sound-mirage”, the song was in my head only.
This very narrow tunisian street was white as the whitest white.
A stunning backdrop for a photo portrait,
if there had just been a little more elbow room.

K 20

Tangle create possibilities

K 24

A tunisian shopping street could look similar tangle-like but very cozy indeed.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
this is a version of the travel theme “Tangle

K 22

A tangle of choices to do.

K 23

Yellow cabs, but this isn’t the Big Apple
but the traffic tangle is almost the same in a tunisian city.