No street “anarchism”

M 88

We often hear the term “picture it otherwise it didn’t happen”.
The opposite can also happen, that the picture doesn’t tell the truth.
Who believes, this is a very quiet neighborhood in the center of the city Flensburg.
The stunning architecture sends a different signal about “chaos and unrest” instead.

An other weekly photo challenge “From every angle

Simple song from the woods

M 83

We should choose our own bridges and doors
Instead of following the interests of others, without conditions.
It would be best for ourselves and ultimately for others too.

So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can’t plant me in your penthouse
I’m going back to my plough

Back to the howling old owl in the woods
Hunting the horny back toad
Oh I’ve finally decided my future lies.

(Written by Bernie Taupin, sung by Elton John)

Idyllic bridge in the forest, east of the northern german city of Flensburg.

Was told to do it

M 85

No I don’t have a foot fetish propensity at all, but the woman’s feet are definitely pretty
but to take a photo of them can be tricky, both if you know the woman or as here don’t.
Ever wonder about how big the chances are on a scale from 1 to 100,
– that the woman think the questioner is weird when you ask:
Can I take a photo of your feet.?

The only hope is that the woman knows Ailsa and her challenges friday after friday.

Do I need to say, this shot is taken undercover.?

Surrounded by the world

M 81

Whatever angle we use, we are surrounded.
Some would argue there are exceptions, but no there aren’t.
Surrounded by people
Surrounded by flowers
Surrounded by traffic
Surrounded by insects
Surrounded by animals
Surrounded by the sea
Surrounded by trees
Surrounded by sounds
Surrounded by love
Surrounded by heat
Surrounded by cold
Even those who unfortunately are lonely they are surrounded by emptiness.

So we all have in common that we’re surrounded.

Weekly photo challenge “From every angle

Green encirclement

M 84

When you’re surrounded by people
who share the same set of assumptions as you
you start to think that’s reality
*Emily Levine – american authoress*

Today I was surrounded by the color green, I began to believe I was green myself.
On reflection, I found out a that there were many shades of green stored in the moment.
So I’m still myself, of course in the little bit green way.

When borders be idyllic

M 61

It was a hot sultry summer day in late august at the german side of Flensburger Fiord.
The clouds hung looming on the horizon but didn’t seem serious at the scary way..
The private pier of the hotel which enables to sail to the hotel on the fjord’s south side.
In continuation of the pier across the Flensburger Fiord – the north side which is Denmark.

People in the area don’t see themselves as danes or germans, but schleswiger
the german part called South Schleswig and the danish part called North Schleswig
but common values and interests with different passport – this doesn’t worry them.

On the north side is the largest danish battlefield ever named Dybbol Banke
with plenty of evidence of the high costs for both germans and danes.
Namely the war in 1864 between the two countries.
When politicians and state leaders argues, then die soldiers and civilians.

History and conversation connecting people.
On both sides they have laid the past behind.

Weekly photo challenge “From every angle

M 62

M 64

M 63

M 74

M 65

This beach hotel was and is recreational oasis for many
among them the famous german writer and Nobel Prize laureate Thomas Mann.

M 75Perfect place for a glass of cool white wine or best of all an espresso.