Airy heights

L 39

This old french castle ruin in the Vosges would look much better in bird’s eye view.

 To the dismay of many, so we humans can not fly without technical aids.
We are basically on the ground with both legs.
Not because we are particularly sensible, but only because we can’t fly.

The inspirng ‘track’ from Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week “Birds eyes

By climbing upward, we can increase our view – hopefully we will be more visionary so.

L 38

Uphill the Vosges, we can meet other non-flying creatures.

These cows are apparently quite unimpressed by the situation.
They don’t have to worry about flying pigs
it’s only in the music world they do exist.

Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue tied and twisted, just an earth bound misfit
*from the song *Learning to fly’ written by Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty*

Are you strange, strangers.?

L 37

Sorry to mention it – again and again.
The most commonly used english words for unknown people is a strange word
Hello strangers – if we don’t know them how do we know they are strange.?

I have to know people before I call them strange.

Some have a hidden agenda to transform all unknown to be strangers.

L 35

Almost every day I meet so-called strangers who aren’t strange at all.

Daily prompt: “Strangers

East – entrance to Paris

L 32

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
An ordinary train ride to the city of cities Paris was complemented by a walk.
The walk at the Gare de l’Est

L 31

This kind of old-fashion rail stations have modern equipment too.

L 30

Some can’t wait being ready for the ride, while still waiting.

L 29

Some communicate, while waiting.

L 25

Some miss to buy a ticket, while waiting.

L 24

Some spending time catching the atmosphere, while waiting.

L 23

Some music jam while waiting.

K 93

Some enjoy a sandwich and a glass of fresh white wine,, while waiting.

L 27

Gare de l’Est.

L 28

Sometimes the travel includes an art exhibition or music event like this in earlier this year.