Wanna be free

Northern England namely Lancashire, absolutly worth visiting..

A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

A mountain bike, a couple of water bottles and Lancashire ahead.

Every year some trees forget or miss the spring.

Some other trees are late starters, sleeps a bit more deep than the rest.

Sheeps never sleep time away, always awake.

Abandoned ruins have an other side too.

Old more than well used bus.

Lancashire nature.

Seven prompt

Right place at the right time, or you could be fried.

Daily prompt “Fry“.

Come, make me smile.

Daily prompt “Chuckle“.

English country pub, but have to know it, can’t see it from the outside.

Daily prompt “Opaque“.

Sometimes the Irish Sea Is in a real bad mood, every one know when.

Daily prompt “Jolt“.

2nd floor worth climbing, really makes a different view of the city.

Daily prompt “Climbing“.

Traffic jam can be cranky, if you have to hurry.

Daily prompt “Cranky“.

Wonder if it can be measured that the tone becomes more shrill as the colder it is.?

Daily prompt “Measure“.

Cross the river Mersey

April 2017, Mersey Gateway under construction.

The fact of these two things being placed close together with contrasting effect.
The river Mersey and the bridge called Mersey Gateway.
Probably people will need some time before it’s seen visually coherent.

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula
The inspiring theme this week “Juxtaposition


High-speed catamaran ferry in the moonlight reay for loading.
An incremental flow of vehicles drive onboard,
led by commanding seamen, do expect they can be very coarse.
If you forget listening for their advices in the clear gibbous-like light.
Journeys with those speedy boats are very fascinating
and stays indelible.in the minds of all the car-traveling people.

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula
The inspiring theme some weeks ago “Pick a word in march
Have to admit, being busy made me wait some days – so I forgot all about it.

The five selectable keywords to choose from:
The main title here is borrowed from a James Bond movie.