What does the sky tell

There are two interpretations of the world of today.
Either it is on fire or there is light ahead.

If life were predictable,
so it would cease to be life
– and be without flavor
*Eleanor Roosevelt – former US first lady*

Walks have to be started

The journey through life has not stopped yet, although travel is paused.
All walks must start somewhere, here the ‘toothless’ duckling started.
For good reasons, I’ve only taken a few of the photos myself, but they’re all mine.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Grandfather shortened the saturday shopping because the grandson came to visit.
His dog rushed at him too, because it adored my mother.

Neighbors delivered delicious fresh asparagus,
because the neighbor’s son and daughter-in-law were visiting.

Grandpa’s old car was sadly worn out,
when I was old enough to drive a car myself.

My mother’s very best friend, she adored me – she was so sweet.
The boys of her own age, they were tired of me getting all the attention.
She later became a dentist, but at that time I had no teeth.

Grown up in a home that was always open to everyone – with serious intentions.
Met many different people on the way through – with overnights in the straw hall too.
Lots of stories, not all happy – sometimes there was a reason for their choices.

At that time I liked being in front of the cameras.

The house where it all started.
Lived in childhood several different places.
With a father who wasn’t in her majesty’s service,
but in his majesty service.
Because at that time so the queen happens to be a king”.

All of these guests one by one inspired a curiosity about knowing the entire world.

Life windsurfing

Remember tailwinds and riding the waves aren’t always necessary.
Headwinds and stubborn waves against us can be the right help too.

Knowing both, probably we appreciate the tailwind better.?

The tide can turn any time
*Lailah Gifty Akita – ghanaian authoress and founder*