What goes on.?


It is said that idleness is the root of many “evil” follies.
It doesn’t apply to this old lightship in the docks at Liverpool.
On the contrary, it gives our present a whiff of the old days charm.
Adds an ascending of the atmosphere in the area, just by being there.
The fascinating night luminosity add even more jaunty attitude.

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula
The inspiring theme last week “Pick a word in november

The five selectable keywords to choose from:

*The title is borrowed from a 1965 The Beatles song*

4 tanker om “What goes on.?

  1. This has provoked a good, hearty chuckle. I am impressed with the ship and even more by your wordiness, Drake. It took you a few days, but you’ve found a perfect representative of all 5. Cheers!

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