Olympic (class or mishaps)

Added the word olympic adds some star quality to many things.
But it’s not always the certainty of success.
The sea is always its own – also with regard to olympic “guests”.
The sea or the water in general, erases footprints quickly.

*Debbie and “Travel with intent” with “Olympic” as the inspiring theme word*

Usually similar so-called sisterships are classified into a class-typ
– named after the first ship in the series.
There is also an “Olympic”-serie among luxury ocean passenger ships
– including three ships all built at the northern irish shipyard Harland and Wolff.
All three intended to be luxury ocean ships between Europe and America.

The “Olympic” (1911)
In 1911 accidentally it hit a lightship that sank where the crew perished.
After “Titanic” sank, the “sister” returned to dry dock in the autumn of 1912,
where she underwent a number of refinements to improve her safety.
Sailed until 1937 where it was scrapped at the scottish North Sea coast.

The “Titanic” (1912)
The most famous of the “sisters” which on the ship’s maiden voyage to America
– sank after collision with an iceberg, probably this story will go on for ever.

The “Britannic” (1915) at first was meant to be named “Gigantic” but changed in 1912.
Was used exclusively as a hospital ship by the british army.
Lowered nearby a greek island by a german submarine in WW One in 1916
The wreck was located and explored by Jacques-Yves Cousteau in 1975.

Remarkable history:
Violet Jessop was an irish-argentine stewardess and nurse,
who is known for surviving the disastrous sinking of “Titanic” in 1912
and the sister ship “Britannic” sinking in 1916.
In addition, she had been onboard the elderst sistership “Olympic”,
when it collided with the british warship, “Hawke” in 1911.
She died by age in 1971, far away from liners with huge safety guarantees.

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    • Agree about the fascination of the story or stories about these three “sisters” and their career at sea – no impressive luck in that triple project, only impressive ships. But almost everything went wrong, triple wrong.

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