Same way as every year

Most of all the lovely germans are electric these days.
They celebrate the famous “October-fest“, the world’s largest folk party.
– funnily enough, it always start in september, but ends in october.
The city of Cologne is no exception, or not even germans aboard.
They have taken the tradition wherever in the world they live.

In some places it is almost formally “Oxford German” (didn’t said boring)
Elsewhere there is excellent party atmosphere in huge tents.

Inspired by “Snow melts somewhere” and my friend Amanda from DownUnder.

4 tanker om “Same way as every year

  1. Geweldig! – Toch gezellig, alleen ik hoef niet zo nodig en lust ook géén bier … Wanneer, we iets van de Afhaalchinees haalde, dronk ik wel eens een Donder-bruin-Amstelbiertje, zo’n klein flesje en liep al te zwabberen … Nee, ook al slaap je er wel lekker op . . . Nee, verstand op nul en hijsen met die handel . . . , nee … = 3x NEE!

  2. It’s a custom and tradition to celebrate many in autumn time in Germany. Coz all foods was bring in for wintertime. The upper basement must be full of all kinds of food in the past in autumn. In the present supermarket time not needed 😉

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