61 tanker om “Somebody out there

    • #.bente
      Very idyllic atmosphere, just like at your place – remember that you and your friends went on a fishing trip – here you must have very long fishing lines – and the one who “kissed” the fish she had to climb down the cliff first… ‘hahaha’ 😉

  1. I doubt that I would like the logistics needed for getting to this island,.
    But once being there I am sure, I would love the solitude, the view and the huge amount of fresh air. Just for a month or so.

    And I surely would enjoy the fact, that I wouldn’t have to bring a lot of, if any, Gevalia Coffee with me from Denmark. :-DI

  2. Take your best friends with you, food and drink, play music as loud as you want, leave doors and windows open(weather permitting)….what a great place!!!! Where is it????

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    • #.john galt
      I think it’s wonderful to live there once in a while
      – but maybe a little lonely to stay there full time… 🙂

      Not only because of a grocery store far far away… 🙂 😉

      Yes give yourself the time for an icelandian live view
      – it’s an amazing island… 🙂

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