Life in the pond

Water lilies in a small pond, one has the main role
– the other is waiting for it to be its turn.
Photos like this never reach level of Claude Monet’s paintings.

Life has many paradoxes including:
In order to maintain an overview, details must be overlooked,
if details are overlooked the overview is lost
* guess someone has probably said that before *

11 tanker om “Life in the pond

  1. I think the Impressionists did quite well obscuring many of the details or at least literally blurring them, don’t you? On a completely unrelated note, are you watching Le Tour? I’m not able to watch this year as we didn’t get cable after moving and I miss it quite a lot! This would have been the perfect year to watch too, as there’s so much less to do. 🙂


    • Believe you’re right. 🙂

      Don’t watch Le Tour this year, but follow online. We sail along the french mainland without visiting only the small islands we meet on our way. Many things are changed and very different this year, we have to wait for the better times on the other side of the challenges. 🙂

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