Deep Pink Beatles

Cavern 99

A musically cave.



The Cavern Club is a night club in Mathew Street, Liverpool
opened in 1957 and it’s steeped in musical history and intimate coziness
lots of musicians have played here before they became famous
and many have returned after they have got stardom
The Beatles
The Who
Eric Clapton and The Yardbirds
The Queen
The Rolling Stones
The Kinks
Elton John
Jan. Akkeman and Focus
David Gilmour (from Pink Floyd)

Cilla Black worked as a hat-check girl there before she get famous.

In 1960 there was a performance by Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
(which included Ringo Starr as drummer, it was before he became a Beatle).

Paul McCartney, David Gilmour and Ian Paice playing at the Cavern Club in 1999
the video isn’t recorded by me
but actually I was in the crowd that night in 1999.

It could be called “Deep Pink Beatles”

28 tanker om “Deep Pink Beatles

    • #.amanda
      It’s still night club there – about 30-35 different bands plays there every week, some well known and a lot of upcoming yougsters – very charming… 🙂

      There’s a great pub there too – The Cavern Pub (with a famous John Lennon street statue outside – and there’s a cozy museum too… 🙂

      About size of the room – both on the right and left side, there are space for the audience – so the space is actually 3-4 times as large as it seems… 🙂

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  2. Amazing tour of music history! 🙂 What a great experience to be able to go there. Do you go often? So cool! 😎
    I know this is crazy, but 2 nights ago I had this dream with Pink Beetles (the insects not musicians) in it. OMG they were a deep pink and the size of large bowls. The chased me everywhere. I was so glad to wake up!

  3. Som Resa skriver en fantastisk rejse i musikkens historie. Dejligt at se Poul McCartney give den gas, det kan han endnu.
    Klubben må være værd at besøge. Atmosfæren forbliver nok intakt med de gæster, naturligvis også med tanke på dig 🙂 ^^’

    • #.hanna
      Tror faktisk der er masser af spræl og energi i gode gamle Sir Paul… 😎

      “hehe” – jeg elsker musik, sæt mig bag et trommesæt og jeg er lige så meget uden for pædagogisk rækkevidde som Animal fra The Muppet Show – det næstbedste er at se det live… ‘lol’ ^^’

        • Spillede i band i mine unge dage og vi fik oven i købet penge for det – var ret meget fascineret af trommeslageren Mike Fleetwood fra Fleetwood Mac… ‘hahaha’ 🙂

          • Så var det ikke helt forkert, det med Orange Scene 🙂
            Fleetwood Mac har altid været en fantastisk gruppe.

            Tjekkede lige: ‘Fleetwood Mac’s music sales have surged, thanks to the publicity generated by the group’s reunion with singer/songwriter Christine McVie.’

            Det er godt gået 😎 🙂

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