Home from sea

K 55

Evening in the port entrance at the fishing port,
a large fishing trawler comes home after weeks at sea.

It creates ambiance and lively activity on many levels.
the loads from these ships are vital to the local ports and their survival.
Returning crew creates redemption for the ever looming fear while they are at sea.
Both the human and economic way life is lived there on the ocean’s mercy.

Therefore, these fish trawlers often “roaring” and fully lit are entering the port.
The boys come home from the sea, happy days are back.

Weekly photo challenge 3th version of the theme “Vivid

2 tanker om “Home from sea

    • #.yvonne
      It depends on the size of the ship – the smallest they do the fishing near the coast and here we talk about hours – the larger keep on until they have full load and go for a longer trip – a week or two – the biggest they go away for a month or months, they have the capacity to process the fish and freeze them – the smallest they using dry ice and the processing takes place on land – I have family who have ships that can carry 300 tons of fish, usually lasting their tours 2-3 weeks – depending on luck… 🙂

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