Maybe virginity is overrated


To try to be the first one is very important for many
perhaps it would be more fun to try to be the best in our own way instead
the beginning is very important it is heard again and again
but it is more the result is, how it ends that counts.
The famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen he might have a point
“the ugly duckling who became a beautiful swan”
the best adventure starts not necessarily with the “hero or heroine” was the first.
Many spend their entire life on a good start more than a happy result and miss the end.
Who was first, the hen or the egg – and does it really matter anything
so maybe virginity is overrated..?


The stairs going up in the parisian cathedral Notre Dame
they are leaning worn by millions of feet that were before us
this does not make our experience worse, do it ..?

Inspiration the Daily Prompt “First

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  1. When I read the title and hadn’t seen the photo yet, I really wandered where you are going with this, Drake 🙂 Yes, you do have a point about if it really matters to be the first. There are people who are enjoying being the great discoverers, “enlightening” the world, making the path etc and I am glad they have existed, do exist and have brought so much along. For me the experience matters, the emotional “treasure” I gain, the memories there are made, the people I have shared that experience with. The fact there have been many more before me and even more – after…doesn’t play any role. Fortunately. Or unfortunately. 🙂

    • #.ese
      There’s anything wrong about being the first at all – so I agree a lot with you – my point is we maybe should care less in being first and more about do our best “hehehe” ie he invented the phonograph, but not the best – it was also the setting he himself had – “The value of an idea lies in the using of it”.(Thomas A. Edison)… 🙂

      The world could not have done without all the pioneers – otherwise we hadn’t even discovered America yet – a discovery that was because they would find the shortest sea route to India – read once an inventor who said that all great discoveries were all happened by “accident” – because that was looking for something else.

      Many things in our world could be improved
      also with the skills we have today
      also without the need invent a “new world”… 🙂

      Perhaps we sometimes lack the ability to complete things..? 🙂

      • Yes, Drake, absolutely – so much hadn’t happened if not for pioneers and their urge to travel, discover. One or another way, even if by accident – left footprints for the next generations, and the next ones after them. 🙂
        Lacking the ability to complete things…i think it does happen, now and then. Unfortunately I must admit! I am not even looking at the big scale – it is enough with the way I am myself. 😀

    • #.laurie
      ‘hahaha’ – I thought it was the right title… ‘hehehe’

      Agree with you, if we do your best so we can’t do more – no doubt… 🙂

      But sometimes I think we are better when we start something than to finish things before we starts new projects – maybe we can’t multitask… ‘hahaha’

  2. ciao! being the first, virginity, the secular and the stairs are just brilliant terms to bring your very interesting point to fruition. this theme that has much to do with cultural values and notions. is anything actually ‘first’? they say there is nothing new under the sun…but consider for the ‘one’ who first ever felt and said the word ‘love’…the first does indeed not diminish the last, but what power moves one to feel that ‘first ever’!! virginity and a trampled stairway in the cathedral…brilliant and wicked. your capture of notre dame may not be the first taken, but i so find it just beautiful and alluring 🙂 this is just the best post.

  3. Of course, virginity is overrated …
    Who doubts that?

    Have a GREAT evening
    Siri, Selma, Dina & Klausbernd
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. This post is really fascinating! I like this combination of Notre-Dame with the theme of virginity: Notre-Dame at the end is the Virgin Mary… so it’s ok.. but you extend the concept to the idea of “being the first”, “have a good start”… Well, you have a great mind. I believe that sometimes to be the first to do something can be very exciting or amusing or even important, but I agree that is the end that counts more, the result and mainly trying to do our best. I agree with you even on the fact that “Perhaps we sometimes lack the ability to complete things”, but this we have to accept, it often happens simply because we are human beings, so imperfected and not God.
    I liked very much your photos too and when I see images of Paris… well my heart beats faster (just have a look at my gravatar).
    Thank you Drake! Have a nice evening.

  5. No not at all, the important thing is how you vigtigere er, hvordan du kender denne store oplevelse og ikke hvor mange mennesker har været der allerede for dig! Interessant indlæg og en dejlig fredag! 🙂

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