When the sun rules

Walk in the park or work in the park.

For a man who have been at work since he was 14 – primarily in agriculture and the military and now is in the late 70s – it might be easy just to sit in the armchair and say out loud  “I have done my part”  so let’s relax – but it ain’t easy at all – when det sun shines.

During the danish winter, which often are more cold rainful and gray than cold and white,  it’s easy to sit in this chair while enjoyed a good movie on DVD or read a good book in the lamp’s “shadow” – while the wind howls outside – but – when the sun shines.

Then pulls outdoor life in the old boy -.though “the enemy” now only stubborn blackberry bushes that spread too much – so it bothers all other trees and plants.

Then there’s all the vegetables, which just as well can be grown
since there is enough room for it – in the large vegetable garden.

More work to do.

Not a word about, the rest of the garden

with all the flowers (when the summer comes) and bushes

The property’s landmark is best in headwind.

So outdoor are not outlaw – the sun rules, when it’s shining…!


10 tanker om “When the sun rules

    • #.hulegaard – 14052012.2107
      Exactly one of these many MUFC supporters and just as stubborn as their manager – this supporter believes however that the famous manager is too old and should retire – even if the manager is 6 years younger than this supporter… 😉

  1. Yo admiro infinatamente a estas personas, estoy convencida que tienen mucha más fortaleza que los jovenes de ahora, yo también lo veo en mis padres, y es verdad si yo fuese ellos me dedicaría a distrutar y vivir la vida, pero para muchas de estas personas trabajar forma parte de la vida.
    ¡Precioso jardín!, saludos

    I admire infinatamente these persons, am sure that have great more strength than the young persons of now, I also see it in my parents, and it is true if I was they I would devote myself to distrutar and to live through the life, but for many of these persons to work forms a part of the life. Precious garden!, regards

    • #.manoli rizo – 22052012.0008
      I agree about generel more strength in older persons versus younger persons – in Danish talks about many of the younger generation is “curling children” – their parents sweeping obstacles away in front of their children – so the children may actually become helpless faced with many challenges or lack the ability to maintain patience – many of our elders had challenges very close to life – and had to cope hurdles on their own – but it ain’t easy no one wish the “good” old days back… 😉

      The very best might be to looking for the solutions in the middle between thise 2 opputunities… 😉

      • Oye, pues tienes razón, nunca lo había mirado de esa forma, es verdad que ellos han pasado por cosas bastante malas y lo han llevado bien dentro de lo que cabe, mis padres son un ejemplo de ello, en sus tiempos tuvieron que trabajar desde muy jóvenes, y vivir con lo justo, hasta que se casaron y ya la vida empezó a mejorar y nosotros hemos tenido de todo y hemos vivido con todas las comodidades del mundo, pues sí creo que puede ser, saludos

        It hears, since you have reason, it had never looked at it of this form, it is true that they have spent for bad enough things and have taken it well inside what it fits, my parents are an example of it, at his times they had to be employed from very young, and to live with the just thing, until they married and already the life started improving and we have had of everything and have lived with all the comforts of the world, since yes I believe that it can be, regards

        • #.manoli rizo – 22052012.1022
          Perhaps it’s fundamentally about controlling the future instead of the future control us – I see very often in my job as leadercoach – young might expect more that hurdles resolve themselves – or perhaps expect hurdles leveling out – unlike the “old” generation as our parents belong to – they expect often do not help … 😉

          • Sí es cierto nuestros jóvenes lo quieren todo hecho, hablo por mis hijos de 12 y 14 años, y de los que tengo alrrededor, son muy cómodos y algo egoístas, nosotros pensábamos más en nuestros mayores

            Yes it is true our young persons they it love everything the made one, I speak for my 12 and 14-year-old children, and of those that I have alrrededor, they are very comfortable and some kind of egoists, we were thinking more about our major ones

  2. #.manoli rizo – 22052012.1111
    In a way, one can perhaps say, that the younger generations were brought up to the sun revolves around them – while the older generations were brought up to they turns about the sun – the truth is probably in between… 😉

    The older generations can sometimes be very self-effacing, it benefits them not always – the younger generations sometimes be extremely self-promotion – it does’t always benefits them… 😉

    But if they are brought up as “curling child”, then it’s an understandable attitude.

    Maybe they been given a disservice by giving them the impression “putting requirements before make offer” – but there are enormously difficulty because everyone wants their children’s best – or what we as parents think is the best… 😉

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