Surrealistic architecture

T 005

There are so many old english castles, fortresses and churches
many of them very many are exciting and beautiful architecture
St. James Church in Poolstock on the edge of the northern english city of Wigan
which from an alternative angle looks similar to a peculiar castle in surreal style
but it’s just a building located between the church and us viewers
which leaving only the bell tower be seen.

Golden moment

R 004

As a golden vein cut the road through the dark city
speaking of gold so out of the dark horizon lies the famous Sherwood Forest
the place where the legendary Robin Hood is said to have lived
probably all know the story of the green outlaw who along his merry friends
emptied the pockets of the rich – and the gold, they gave it to the poor.

View from a hotel window, apparently there’s still gold in Nottingham..?