Love nest

E 49

Actually this is an outdoor wedding flat at a hotel
at the crossroads between northern Wales and the northwesternmost of England.
An idyllic love nest – almost Tarzan and Jane-like.

Only missing is a liana or a strong rope which Tarzan could swing his way to the chalet
perhaps the suite should’ve been placed in the tree top to give it an extra kick of romance.

However I guess, if the suite is used by silver wedding couples
so would all that climbing certainly cause problems for some silver-grooms.

So now it can also be used by Silver-Tarzan and Silver-Jane.

E 50

Inspired from the always worth visiting Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week *theme*: “Landscape

Blind tunnel

E 46

The Crown Street tunnel is an about 270 meter long tunnel without air shafts
it runs from Edge Hill to Crown Street, this end is now blinded.
This Liverpool tunnel opened in 1829, closed in 1972
it was a part of the Liverpool-Manchester railway track
the world’s first public passenger line opened in 1830
nearest station was Crown Street Station at the end of the tunnel.
Probably it was the first tunnel in the world to run under streets
mostly cut straight through with no brick lining.

So actually in a way it’s an one end tunnel now”

Every little thing

E 45

Lady Chapel at Liverpool Cathedral.

Impressive, when thousands of small details become an architectural whole.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack.?
this is 2nd version of the travel theme from the previous week “Interior“.

By the way so the title is also a The Beatles love song title from 1964. *Listen*

Break through

E 27

There are many terms or words which are being used as slang in world of sports
many doesn’t make sense for “unaware people” outside that world
touchdown, home run, eagle, birdie albatross, icing, off-side, catch an owl and so on.

I guess this is a so-called break through, and if we were talking sport a different thing.

Daily prompt “Grand Slam

Knowing it’s autumn

E 36

The last pic of the day first, the sun had boiled the clouds and mist away.

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
this is Lancashire UK, a perfect place for inspiring “kicks” – used lazy biking..

E 35

Guess autumn is a bit like memories, the horizon get a bit hazy.

E 11

For Band Aid concert in 1984, they sang “Do they know it’s christmas”
here we were able to sing “Don’t they know it’s autumn” – pretty green.

E 14

Gate to the (at that moment) peacefully Irish Sea.

E 29

Actually there’s a door in the building, guess it isn’t used much the small waterway limited.

E 30

A lock on the Leeds-Liverpool canal, old and well-used but effective.

E 31

An other greenish symphony emerges from the mist.

First ladies

E 37

A wise once said, “If you want to have done something right so let women do it”
The first team girls in Liverpool Football Club Ladies
they won this week the english soccer league for the second year in a row.
Last match day was exciting three teams had the chance where LFC was the black horse.
Success doesn’t happen by itself – it must be canvassed.
So well done, girls – or ladies – first ladies.

There could have been better attendance of the onlookers – the ladies had deserved it.

E 12

Excited mood from Anfield in connection with the men’s team match
let’s hope the ladies’ success has or will inspire the men to follow up.
You’ll never walk alone.