Unintended copying

F 53

The world can be complicated, highly complex
symbolized here by a refinery plant at the danish port of Kalundborg
very skillfully and creatively done, this hasn’t happened by itself or simple logic alone.

Maybe it was an inspiring idea taken from the old birch tree a few meters away.
Nature can be complicated too, also highly complex.

864 002

Early Christmas walk

F 42

The preparation of the Christmas spirit anno 2014.

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes
signs of christmas from the city of Liverpool  – all we need, only walk.

Next walks wouldn’t be from L’pool, time to “join the french kitchen” for a while.

F 45

F 37

Wonder if they know there’s a month left yet.

F 38

Nothing like expectant eyes of children, don’t let them down.

F 39

I’m not clever enough to see if it’s the three wise men.

F 40

The Ice Queen, apart from the lips so noticed she looks a little pale – it’s early season yet.

F 44

This young woman is freezing with dignity, perhaps she is waiting for Santa Claus.

F 46

The sculpture of the brothers John and Cecil Moore
famous liverpudlian businessmen and local benefactors
the sculpture in bronze is created by Tom Murphy
this statue stands unconcerned in the midst of all “the christmas ministry”.

F 41

A modern christmas tree at the center of the city and the star isn’t forgotten.